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Zach is great. Complete explanation of what needed to be done and what could wait. When I came to pick up my truck, he was dealing with a very unreasonable lady. He kept his cool and thoroughly explained everything to her, even though she would not listen. By the time he was done, I understood the situation and I had no reason to Excellent customer service. Thanks.

Date : 12/06/18

One of the best, most knowledgeable and most honest shops Ive ever dealt with anywhere in the U.S.

Date : 11/30/18

I actually experienced an engine cooling system failure on my morning commute just blocks from Caseys and they graciously wedged me into their already busy schedule immediately. I was impressed from start to finish with their professionalism and efficiency. Like most today, I did get online to compare prices for the work they quoted and they seemed to be fairly priced.

Date : 11/27/18

Great work they did fixing my car and their prices are very reasonable.

Date : 11/27/18

As always, Zach did a very good job setting my appointment for an oil change on 11/15 and then set another appointment for replacing shocks on my F250. He gave me a price quote and then upon completion had found the same shocks at a better price, saving me about 50. Caseys has been taking good care of my F250 and my Eldorado for several years.

Date : 11/16/18

We were happy less was wrong with our car then were told by a dealer and got our car back the same day.

Date : 11/14/18

I always have my truck serviced by Cases"s. I have confidence in them. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I recommend Caseys to my friends, and anyone else who will listen.

Date : 11/11/18

Brian was nothing short of pure Amazement This guy deserves a raise for the level of customer service he exhibits and his willingness to go above and beyond If I was in the auto industry I would steal him in a second. Amazing work and really impressed with the speed and professionalism of everyone over at Caseys THANK YOU

Date : 11/11/18

Brought in two cars in for a Pre-Purchase Inspection and was highly satisfied both times with the inpsections.

Date : 11/08/18

completed on time and under estimate - excellent service

Date : 11/07/18

Always get great through service

Date : 11/03/18

A very good experience.

Date : 11/03/18

My young driver 16 noticed a little clunk when she was turning right, and it worried her. I had her bring it in, and they were great with explaining to her why it did that, and how they were fixing it to keep her safe. They also found a nail in her tire, and showed it to her, which was really helpful and I appreciate them educating her about how her car works, and what to listen and look for to know when something is more of a safety issue. Thank you to Joe and Nolan the techs and to Brian the Advisor for helping her out

Date : 11/02/18

My experience at Caseys Automotive was very very nice and well done by Casey employee....

Date : 10/31/18

They did a great job of fixing my car and for a lot less than the Honda dealer. I will be going back for any other repairs I need on my cars

Date : 10/27/18

The biggest problem I have with most auto shops any more is that you never seem to get a thorough examination of your car. Younger mechanics seem to have been trained to look until they find one problem, then stop looking. Caseys gave me a very thorough evaluation, listing everything, then letting me know what was urgent, what could wait, and what might be lurking around the corner. That let me really plan out the cars maintenanceI had them do some of it right away, Ill be doing some of it soon, and Ill have them do the rest next summer. The work they did was excellent, and I am comfortable waiting to take care of some of the other issues until later. Their prices are not discount, but the work was excellent and the consultation and advice was even better.

Date : 10/26/18

Caseys has been keeping our cars well maintained for years and we are always more than satisfied.

Date : 10/18/18

Very pleased. Needed interior detail on short notice and was accommodated. Good work. Professional. Reasonably priced.

Date : 10/16/18

Great service. Good communication

Date : 10/11/18

A simple oil change won my business. Ill be back with my other cars

Date : 10/10/18

I was able to get my car in for service at a time that was convenient for me. The staff was friendly and helpful. The cost of service was very reasonable.

Date : 10/10/18

Caseys is always friendly and thorough. Their estimated cost for repair is rarely wrong, and they always have it done in a timely fashion. We highly recommend Caseys Independent Auto.

Date : 10/05/18
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